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The Baby Names That Upset Grandparents Revealed

You might already be stocking up on luma baby products for your new arrival, but have you had the all important name conversation yet? Choosing a name for your little boy or girl is a decision that will be influenced by all kinds of elements - you and your partner’s...

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Find unique and practical products that will make your day easier and more comfortable

Our products are designed by parents - for parents and their little ones. If you have any questions for us just contact us for help. 

Email: Phone: 0845 307 6165



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This clothing line is soo soft on baby

Little ones don’t just cuddle. They sleep, eat and bathe. Activities throughout the day. We have the perfect range of products for all these activities.

This newborn clothing line is available in sizes 50 to 68. Size 50 is for 0 months, size 56 for 1-2 months, size 62 for 2-4 months and size 68 for 4-6 months. The fabrics are made from 90% cotton and 10% elastane. The line comprises baby grows (long and short sleeved), playsuits (long and short sleeved), trousers, hats and booties



New product!

Squiz food pouch. Easy to fill, freeze, reheat, clean, and carry anywhere without the risk of messy leaks, SQUIZ makes families' lives easier. Filled with homemade or store-bought food, they make on-the-go meals and snacks child's play!

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Swimtrainer offer! Limited time/ as long as stock available now £15.99 - save £2

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We have had a number of fraudulent orders recently - resulting in a loss where we have delivered orders and not been able to get payment. This often happens when creditcards are not registered to the delivery address and unfortunately we had to tighten the payment process. If you are experiencing problems paying you can always call us and discuss how to place your order.